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Default DC rally by conservatives: "tens of thousands?" "three hundred thousand?" "five hundred thousand?" "A million people came?" The only thing agreed upon was that it was a "vast crowd" and it spells

"GlennR" wrote in message
Glenn Beck Rally Attracts Estimated 87,000

you get more people at a michigan U football game,

what's surprising is that 87,000 ignorant, cross eyed, bow legged, fat
ass,hillbilly retards could
find their way to DC, those other 400,000 must have got lost along the way
and the hogs et them yall


Consider please that the whole event was paid for by the super wealthy and
ultra conservative Koch brothers of Koch Industries. They brought people
by the busloads at their own expense.

You know the deal..... "the man with the gold makes the rules"....

Just another example of republican "astroturf" .....not anything like real
"grass roots" unless you are talking about those FOX watching dupes that go
along with anything Beck has to say.

All this was covered last week by Rachel Maddow and by Keith Olbermann.

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