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Default Layover in Manila

On Monday, June 23, 1997 at 3:00:00 PM UTC+8, Wilf Rosenbaum wrote:
Hi there,
I plan to be travelling to Dumaguete in the Phillipines in July.
My flight (from Vancouver Canada) arrives in Manila at 8:30pm, and
the single flight from Manila to Dumaguete leaves at 5:45am the following
morning. Thus I seem to have two alternatives: get a hotel near the airport
for the night, or just wait out the time at the airport. Can anyone offer
any suggestions (ie a reasonable hotel near the airport), comments (safety
at the airport) or alternatives? Thanks very much.

Wilf Rosenbaum Computational Epidemiology Laboratory
Simon Fraser University

For backpackers, the three terminals at the NAIA area now have a P2P (Point to Point) bus service that traverses through the 3 terminals within the vicinity with stopovers at nearby hotels. It is safe but requires some waiting time. Rate is P150 pesos. Older buses charge P20 pesos.