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Default Western Caribbean Excursion Ideas

C. Talbot wrote:

Here are the plans, advice and comments appreciated:

Grand Cayman - half day excursion with Captain Marvin Stingray Sandbar Tour

Costa Maya - nothing yet. Is there good snorkling near the port or should
we book an excursion. If so, any recommendations? What are the best things
to do there?

Cozumel - nothing booked but we thought we would taxi to Chanunkaaub
National Park for a beach day and some snorkling. Is the snorkling ok there
or would we do better to book a snorkling excursion?

Belize - Cave tubing with Reggie.

My wife and I have two kids, aged 17 and 18 that will be with us. I expect
my daughter and wife will likely want to spend some time shopping. Of the
above stops, which would be best for that? My son and I are pretty much
content to snorkle every day.

I haven't been to Costa Maya yet, but you seem to know the best things
to do in all the other ports. Cozumel is the best for shopping and there
are even things there that you and your son would like. Grand Cayman
tends to be expensive for shopping, but their rum cakes are a must.
There are also two shops for Black Coral jewelry, Mr. Passman who is
well known around the world, also very expensive, but worth looking at.
The other Black Coral shop is Mr. Richards, across the street from the
pier and upstairs. Mr Richards learnt his trade from Passman and has a
lot of more reasonably priced pcs of jewelry.