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Default Puglia/Abruzzo e Molise

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A friend and I are flying out to the Italian region of Puglia (Brindisi)

start a 2 week cycle
tour from mid September, flying home from Pescara.

I suggest to go down towards Lecce with its marvellous barocco churches and
palaces, then to Santa Maria di Leuca, the place where 2 seas meet (Ionian
and Adriatic). Follow the coast and visit Otranto (don't miss tha cathedral
mosaic!!!), Castro with its emerald sea, Gallipoli on the opposite coast
(have a meal at the Bastione restaurant), Marina di Pescoluse (Caraibbean
Going up o the north you can't miss Alberobello with its trulli, Castellana
Grotte, Polignano a Mare and the beautiful romanesque cathedrals in Trani,
Ruvo, Bitonto....
The castle in Castel del Monte is a must.

If you need more info about Apulia, please ask.