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G day again...
Thanks a lot for your answers!
I certainly did not mean to insult anyone. What I mean is that this is a
trip that will set be back about 50-60000Dkr. Ca 13000 Australian dollars.
So its not something im going to take lightly. That is why I'm on this
newsgroup trying to find out if what I read on places like Lonley Planet
ect. Is a big or a small problem, a plroblem I can live with or not. And I
am very appreciative for all you Australians who can tell me what you think.
Eventhough Denmark is not as popular as Australia, we actually do have a
significant amount of tourists in summertime. And danes also have a great
time despite the cowds ect. So im sure I would have a "ball" I Australia ;0)
in fact i know it!!!

To help you good people, help me :0) I will tell you some details.
I visited Oz in march 2000 went from Sydney to Cairns by bus and lived on

My wife and I are now thinking of going from Perth to Sydney on 1 month,
gook luck, you might say ;0)
How we travel is not important. What is important is that we see as much as
possible on the time we have.
On this trip we would like to have some fun, our age 28 and 32, see some of
the classic Australia, ofcourse as many animals as possible, kanguru,
parrots, my wife-koalas etc. see specktakular nature and meet some mate's
and matildas.

Now this is what I have found out so far.
In Perth ther should be a chance of wale spotting from september to
december, this we would love to do, so if anyone knows anything about this,
please write.
The Great Coastal Road, maybe we could rent a car for this..
Kangaroo Island, this is one thing we will have to see, I have seen
different offers on the web.

Tazmania, yes that would be great, but how much time shuld one spend here
Ayers and the Olgas we would also like to see, but I realize that we cant
have it all L

That's it I think, so any ideas of yours are most welcome !
Thanks for all your help