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Default Paying to get on first

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"JP" writes:

Another thing I donīt understand are the sheep rushing to board the
bus that is going to take them to the plane too . This makes a
mockery of the easy jet system. Why they canīt allocate seat is
beyond me.

They can, of course. The reason why they don't is it speeds up

I can't believe that it saves more than a minute or two.
They generally start boarding 15 minutes before schedual
and everyone (at the gate) is boarded with 5 minutes to

ISTM that it costs real money to implement a seat allocation
system at check-in. This also takes longer (uses more staff)
whilst everyone selects their favorite seat.

which in turn cuts the turn-around time, which is an
important part of why they're so cheap.

With self check in this would be so simple to implement. I canīt
believe that a seat allocaion system is any slower than a cattle

Me and Stelios believe it just fine, although if you can only convince
one (1) of us you would be better off trying him.