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Raffi Balmanoukian
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Default Asianisation Of Australia - All Australian citizens must read!

in article , Peter Webb at
wrote on 7/24/04 9:43 AM:

Firstly, allow me to apologise to anybody who takes offence, particularly
the many Asians on this ng.

The first part of the article below is a reasonably factual account of the
increased numbers of Asians in Australia (9% ?) and gives some of the
reasons why this has been encouraged.

I completely support the increased levels of Asian migration for exactly the
reasons he quotes (although he seems to diasapprove).

The second part - which I just skimmed - seemed to be some kind of moan that
he wasn't consulted and doesn't like it. Just as well nobody consulted him -
he appears to be some kind of kook.

Peter Webb

He was consulted: in a democracy, it's called an election (in which
participation is compulsory in Australia, with a few notable exceptions like
the Labour candidate in Kingsford Smith...)

I think the last poll put the "White Australia" nutbars - in the form of One
Abomination - at something below 2%. Below the Dems, the Greens, and the
wild card spots on Australian Idol.