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"Sue Mullen" wrote in message
HAPPY NEW YEAR Tom and everyone else on RTC!!

We are currently booked on 3 cruises, but 2 of them are in 2010:
Solstice - 2/2009
Granduer of the Seas - 1/2010
Oasis - 10/2010

July 2009 we are doing a land trip to St. Thomas for my nephews wedding.
Since that will be an expensive trip, it will be in place of a cruise.

Tom, if there is a 2 night to nowhere on the QM2 let us know and if
time/money are ok we will join you. I would love to see the ship, but
will not do a longer cruise with every night being formal.


It doesn't do any 2 night sailings, but there is a 4 night Labor Day sailing
from NYC to Canada and back. And a 5 night 4th of July sailing to
Halifax/Boston from NYC. I'm going to keep any eye on those as far as happy
hour pricing.

And every night isn't formal. On the 4 night Princess Cay sailing we did
last Feb, there was 1 formal night. And even the 6 night Transatlantics
aren't formal every night. Crossings have 3 formal nights.