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Default Tell me about the Norwegian Pride of America?

Unfortunately, it isn't the Norwegian of years ago. Service has slipped
so that it is hit or miss. Our cabin was spotless when cleaned but
missed three of the 14 days of our last cruise. Overall the ship was
kept pretty clean.

The free food spots are pretty boring. With mostly Indian and Asian
cooks, they really know how to ruin a steak. But the Asian and Indian
food is spot on! I think it is their way to push people to the pay
restaurants. On Taco night on the buffet, the Indian server had
obviously never had a taco so he would start by breaking the preformed
shell in two and put meat, cheese, lettuce, etc "toppings" on them. We
just laughed and moved on. I did like the coffee and tea machines ...
strong like I like it.

With the huge marketing push of the free drinks package to help sell
space, the folks that were sloshed all the time had no complaints. So,
my suggestion ... stay sloshed!

But it is just best to laugh at their shortcomings and have fun.

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My wife and I are sailing on it next month...

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