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Default travel alert: foreign visitor murdered in new zealand

Every person, regardless of race or national origin, should be treated
with respect and dignity. However, the implication of the article is
that aggressive racism is paramount amongst Caucasians in comparison
to other races. In actuality, comparatively speaking,aggressive
racism, concomitant with associate criminal acts, directed towards
Caucasians is significantly higher amongst "minority" groups. Charles
Darwin postulated that the more "primitive" a racial group, the more
it tended to exhibit "tribalistic" characteristics such that those not
a member of the "tribe" were not given the respect and dignity of
those outside of the tribe. However, Koreans, as are the Japanese,
Vietnamese, and Chinese are noted for their law abiding behavior.
They, also, tend to have relatively high IQs. The same make them more
"compatible" socially, culturally, and intellectually with Caucasians
relative to other racial groups. I, personally, tend to get along
extremely well with the same.