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In article ,

I can't access the CC community boards, but it was presented as fact that
Princess had an excess amount of Noro outbreaks.

It either has to be the customers, the staff, the supplies, or the ship. I
have only cruised twice, once with HAL and once with Princess. I didn't
notice any fundemental difference between the two customer makeup, and both
crews seemed top-notch profesional. The supplies I saw didn't seem
substantially different. The most obvious difference is with the showerheads,
HAL having hand-held and Princess being the minority without... Ergo, my

The transmission of Norovirus is human to human, and is directly related to

If you've never had a hand-held shower, I would suggest you spend $20 to get
one. If you had one you wouldn't want to go back. And even if you did want to
go back, the hand-held is excellent fixed in place.

If I'm going to be asea with thousands of others, all in tight quarters, and
with no chance of escape, I want everyone squeeky clean, even in those hard
to reach places. More than once I got on an elevator with passengers who
seemed to have neglected washing because they were on holiday.

It is not a fact that Princess has an excess amount of Noro outbreaks.
There are outbreaks at certain times of the year on all cruise lines.
There are also outbreaks at schools, nursing homes etc, anywhere groups
of people are together. When my mother was in assisted living they had
outbreaks every other year. And they had hand held showers! Cruise
ships just happen to get the most media attention.

As for having had a hand held shower, I have been on 42 cruises, many
with a hand held shower, including both HAL and Celebrity and other
lines with them. I think they are a premium feature which I like but
lack of one is not a deal breaker for me.

As far as hygiene the main cause of Noro is inadequate hand washing
after using the toilet.