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On Thursday, January 10, 2013 6:50:50 PM UTC-8, Charles wrote:

I don't see why hand held showers would have anything to do with Noro.

Could you illuminate me on your theory about that? Also cruise lines

with hand held showers have Noro. And I don't think Noro outbreaks on

Princess are more or less than on other cruise lines.

I can't access the CC community boards, but it was presented as fact that Princess had an excess amount of Noro outbreaks.

It either has to be the customers, the staff, the supplies, or the ship. I have only cruised twice, once with HAL and once with Princess. I didn't notice any fundemental difference between the two customer makeup, and both crews seemed top-notch profesional. The supplies I saw didn't seem substantially different. The most obvious difference is with the showerheads, HAL having hand-held and Princess being the minority without... Ergo, my conclusion.

The transmission of Norovirus is human to human, and is directly related to hygene.

If you've never had a hand-held shower, I would suggest you spend $20 to get one. If you had one you wouldn't want to go back. And even if you did want to go back, the hand-held is excellent fixed in place.

If I'm going to be asea with thousands of others, all in tight quarters, and with no chance of escape, I want everyone squeeky clean, even in those hard to reach places. More than once I got on an elevator with passengers who seemed to have neglected washing because they were on holiday.

I will repeat what I've said earlier. Norovirus is a virus. Just like
the flu or common cold it is spread by touching a surface where the
virus is present and then touching eyes/mouth/nose. Having a hand held
shower is not going to make much difference if the infected person
doesn't wash their hands and touches elevator buttons, hand rails, door
knobs...etc. Then someone touches the same surfaces and doesn't wash
their hands, then touches nose/mouth/eyes, they'll get infected.

If you are infected you can take a hand-held shower in the morning, but
that won't guarantee that you aren't spreading the virus. That is why on
some cruise ships infected guests are asked to remain in their cabins to
limit spreading the disease.