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On Saturday, January 12, 2013 11:30:05 AM UTC-8, Brian K wrote:

I will repeat what I've said earlier. Norovirus is a virus. Just like

the flu or common cold it is spread by touching a surface where the

virus is present and then touching eyes/mouth/nose. Having a hand held

shower is not going to make much difference if the infected person

doesn't wash their hands and touches elevator buttons, hand rails, door

knobs...etc. Then someone touches the same surfaces and doesn't wash

their hands, then touches nose/mouth/eyes, they'll get infected.

If you are infected you can take a hand-held shower in the morning, but

that won't guarantee that you aren't spreading the virus. That is why on

some cruise ships infected guests are asked to remain in their cabins to

limit spreading the disease.

If everyone was clean, then the chances of disease transmission would be reduced. Making it easier to keep clean, would certainly decrease the chances.

I'm not asking that a bidet be provided ("Lookey here Paw, a place to wash our clothes"), but a shower where on can actually turn around in, one where the chower curtain doesnt act like a boa constrictor, that actually keeps water in the pan, maybe some antibacterial soap, and soap dispensers instead of bar soap.

I'm not so worried about Noro, it is self limiting and usually has no lasting effects. I am more concerned with things like hepititis, TB, Legionnaire, and various staph type infections. Noro is quick to manifest, whereas the others often may fulminate for a period of time. But Noro is indicitive of the disease transmission capability of a ship.