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"According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), although there are
cases of noro illness transmitted by hand-to-hand contact, the most

cause of a norovirus outbreak is contaminated water. Contaminated

food is
also a likely culprit.

If it is contaminated water, then the hand held shower will do nothing.

I suggest the contaminated food ... from the people touching everything
with their poop contaminated hands.

I was on a Princess cruise that on the second day, a couple of cruisers
showed up with symptoms and they immediately shifted to having only the
kitchen staff serve at the buffet. Nobody could touch anything but
their plates. May have been a coincidence ... but no more problem for
that cruise!

Let's face it ... we allow this stuff to grow with our bad habits. We
don't wash as well as we should. We don't all use the disinfectant hand
stations at the buffet like we should. And we let our kids run into the
food areas and touch everything!