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Anne Chambers wrote in message ...
Sorry, I don't know how the previous one got sent before I wrote anything!

You don't want to go to the Northern Territory in December/January -
it's hot, humid and WET - really, really wet. In fact, the season is
called 'The Wet'. Roads are very often cut because of flooding and it
is almost unbearbable, especially in the Top End (Darwin & Kakadu). I
lived in the Territory for 11 years - believe me, I know!


I also lived in the Top End for many years and Dec/Jan IMO is the best
time of year to be there, loved the tropical rain and lighting shows.
The worst time for humidity is during the build up, besides everything
is air-con now you will be more comfortable up there in the wet than
down south in any capital city during a heat wave.
Cheers, Ed

Brizze wrote:

Hi again,

Thanks for your answers.
We only have december and maybe the first week of january.
But is it mostly the east-coast thats crowded ?
When i first went to AU i was told that if one only has a month to see AU
you should choose the east-coast.

But Australia is a big place so what about Darwin, and the south-west
coast ? is it possible to see the sights here, like kakadue, Ayers, Uluru,
and what else? on a month without spending most of the time in a bus or a
And if so can somebody recomend a good route ?

Thanks Brian