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Hi there Brian,

Like everyone here says, that December Summer time is the holiday season, if
you plan and book now, you might just score good deals in accommodation.

Up in Qld, I think that you might find it way too hot and humid and the same
for Nth Coast NSW with temps often up in the late 30'sC . I lived in Grafton
Nth NSW for 9 yrs and it often gets up around the 38C with very high

Have you possibly thought of a vacation in Tasmania during summer...ave temp
in their low to high 20's with low humidity.

Tasmania has many of Australia's most historical and oldest places of
interest and history.

You can get to Tassie from either Melbourne ferry or now a large passenger
ferry leaves from Sydney.

You might even find Victoria and the Snowy Mountains very interesting as

Have a look and see what you think.....there is more to Australia than
Sydney and Queensland.

Sometimes if you find accommodation in an ideal place that you think you
would enjoy or is central to everything, try contacting them directly
through email or their websites and start asking about best deals that they
can forward to you, My wife and I saved about 50% on hotel costs in Japan by
doing this......makes a difference if you wish to stay somewhere for a few
days at a time.

Good luck


"Brizze" wrote in message
. ..
Hi Everyone,

My wife and i are planing a 4-5week trip to Australia in december, maybe
that is! Because i have read a couple of places that december is not the
best month to visit AU.

1. because australians themselves are on their long christmas vacation and
therefore, making it almost impossible to find a place to sleep etc.
2. because of the huge amount of box jellyfish, that makes it
life-threatening to go bathing north of Brisbane.

So i would very much like to hear from Australians or people who have been

AU in december, who can tell me if this is all nosence or if there is some
truth in it.
I visited this beautiful country the first time in march 2000 and it was
just perfect. Therefore i would like to avoid getting a bad experience by
going the wrong time of year, so please help me by responding here, or
direct on my email

Thanks a lot