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Anne, as you lived in NT, maybe you can assist me.
I am a Canuck and want to return to Oz and visit areas I did not see -
several of course. Big goal is the Indian Pacific to Perth.
Curious about NT - Darwin and Kakadu - maybe get an air pass of sorts.
If I picked Novemebr to go, I gather you think I should go to the NT first
and Wa last?


"Anne Chambers" wrote in message
Sorry, I don't know how the previous one got sent before I wrote anything!

You don't want to go to the Northern Territory in December/January -
it's hot, humid and WET - really, really wet. In fact, the season is
called 'The Wet'. Roads are very often cut because of flooding and it
is almost unbearbable, especially in the Top End (Darwin & Kakadu). I
lived in the Territory for 11 years - believe me, I know!


Brizze wrote:

Hi again,

Thanks for your answers.
We only have december and maybe the first week of january.
But is it mostly the east-coast thats crowded ?
When i first went to AU i was told that if one only has a month to see

you should choose the east-coast.

But Australia is a big place so what about Darwin, and the south-west
coast ? is it possible to see the sights here, like kakadue, Ayers,

and what else? on a month without spending most of the time in a bus or

And if so can somebody recomend a good route ?

Thanks Brian

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