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In article ,

Eventhough Denmark is not as popular as Australia, we actually do have a
significant amount of tourists in summertime. And danes also have a great
time despite the cowds ect. So im sure I would have a "ball" I Australia ;0)
in fact i know it!!!

Guaranteed. Denmark is very popular here after that magic royal wedding.

On this trip we would like to have some fun, our age 28 and 32, see some of
the classic Australia, ofcourse as many animals as possible, kanguru,
parrots, my wife-koalas etc. see specktakular nature and meet some mate's
and matildas.

You'll have no problems seeing kangaroos. They often sleep by the side
of busy highways. They are most active at dawn and dusk, and during the
heat of the day tend to loll around under trees. Koala could be tricky,
but are plentiful in some areas.

Now this is what I have found out so far.
In Perth ther should be a chance of wale spotting from september to
december, this we would love to do, so if anyone knows anything about this,
please write.

You'd be pushing it in December. The whales go down to the Antarctic for
the summer.

The Great Coastal Road, maybe we could rent a car for this..

A great drive.

Kangaroo Island, this is one thing we will have to see, I have seen
different offers on the web.

Plenty of koalas on Kangaroo Island.

Tazmania, yes that would be great, but how much time shuld one spend here

It's only a small place. A week is enough. Highlights are the West Coast
with a boat cruise up the Franklin River, and Port Arthur the old
convict settlement east of Hobart. Hobart itself is very busy for the
week or so after Christmas.

Ayers and the Olgas we would also like to see, but I realize that we cant
have it all L

If you have the money, fly there. You can see both the Rock and the
Olgas in one day and there are plenty of guided trips available.

That's it I think, so any ideas of yours are most welcome !
Thanks for all your help

Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney will give you guaranteed sightings of all
Australian animals including the platypus, very hard to see in the wild.
It's also a great view over the Harbour with the Opera House and the
Bridge in the background.

There's a revolving buffet restaurant in Sydney Tower where you get a
great view of the city and can eat kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat.

Canberra is a superb example of a planned city, even if you don't go
inside any of the museums and art galleries, you can drive around and
see how it's all put together. The view from Mount Ainslie is tremendous
as it lies at one end of the ceremonial land axis. Have dinner at Black
Mountain Tower - in the middle of summer I like to arrive in the late
afternoon and watch as the sun sets over the Brindabellas and the lights
come on.

The YHA hostel in Melbourne at Queensberry Hill is a favorite of mine.
Walk down to North Melbourne in the golden twilight and admire the
gothic town hall from one of the many restaurants opposite. Or if you
want cosmopolitan atmosphere, you can't go past Lygon Street in

There are any number of great places to go in Australia. The main thing
to remember is that it's a long way between them, and apart from the
South East corner, it's all very sparsely settled.