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Default American Airlines passenger in seat recliner controversy wants to press charges, flight attendant fired

On 16 Feb 2020, ZZyXX wrote

none of that matters, the question is why does the airline have
seats that can recline and impinge on anothers seat space

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As long as the airlines use seats that recline, I will recline them.
I'm a tall guy that needs the space, but even so, I've never sat in one
where the seat in front actually touched me. Yes, your range of motion
is less, but I still have enough space to maneuver. If I couldn't
recline, I'd be VERY uncomfortable, especially on long flights. I give
the passenger in front of me the same slack I would hope others give
me. All us steerage cattle have to give a little. If I was flying first
class my attitude would be different.

If the airlines think it's untenable to allow recline, they must take
it away reclineable seats. Until then....